Sunday, February 7, 2010

"The Olympics Are Coming, The Olympics Are Coming" ...

Actually, I'm going to the Olympics, but there is no cute-rhyme-y way to say that.  I just got an email from my-friend-the-Vancouver-rabbi about the first Shabbat services in the "Multi-Faith Centre" ... athletes stopped by to say hello (they haven't even all arrived yet), but none stayed, although several chaplains of other faiths experienced Shabbat with the rabbi.  The rabbi's advice from this past Shabbat?  Be flexible and open-minded ... you don't know what will happen.  : )

I am excited ... I'm not sure we will have any actual congregants while we are there, but I know it will be a fascinating experience simply being in the Olympic Village! 

Now, I guess it really is time to find some warm clothes and shoes ... I leave in a week!  : )

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lovely Words to Set Our Intention Before Eating ... Received from Rabbi Paul Kipnes

As we make ready to eat this food
We remember with gratitude
The people, animals, plants, insects,
Creatures of the sky and sea
Air and water, fire and earth
All turning in the wheel of living and dying
Whose joyful exertion
Not separate from ours
Provides our sustenance this day.

May we with the blessing of this food
Join our hearts
To the one heart of the world
In awareness and love
And may we together with everyone
Realize the path of awakening
And never stop making effort
For the benefit of others.   (By Norman Fisher)